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TENS machines are battery operated electronic devices that generate special electrical impulses which, when applied to the skin, stops the transmission of pain signals to the brain. TENS units also encourage the release of endorphins in the body. They interact with pain receptors in a similar way to pain relief medication (but without any of the side effects). TENS machines can significantly reduce, and in many cases eliminate both chronic & acute pain.provides greater flexibility faster pain relief and targeted treatment.reduced muscle soreness from day to day activities and gym
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Mtherapy Product

Mtherapy's technology is an innovator of advanced pain management devices to assit in back pain arthritic pain,muscle spasms, sciatic pain, sports injury and faster gym recovery and much much more


Pain relief The main advantage of using a TENS machine is that it provides pain relief. ...
No side effects When you live with pain, you often have to deal with more pain to tolerate it. ...
Convenient Another benefit of using a TENS machine is that it is portable and easy to use. ...
Natural massage ...
Reduced inflammation ...
Affordable ...

Faster muscle recovery


Contains in each box:

*Physiotherapy belt

*Tens stimulating massager

*Reflexology slippers

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