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    Mtherapy TENS machine is a small, portable and battery-operated device which is worn on the body. The box is attached by wires to sticky pads stuck to the skin. Small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, like little electric shocks. This can help to ease pain in some people with certain types of pain.

    benefits of the tens machine 
  • Beneficial Aspects

    There are several uses of the Tens unit since it generates electrical impulses that strike a body part and then affects the nervous system. The nerves get stimulated and also provide relief to a person who is suffering from pain in that region.Pain relief The main advantage of using a TENS machine is that it provides pain relief.providing greater flexibility faster pain relief and targeted treatment
    No side effects When you live with pain, you often have to deal with more pain in order to tolerate it. ...
    Convenient Another benefit of using a TENS machine is that it is portable and easy to use. ...
    Natural massage ...
    Reduced inflammation ...
    Affordable ...

  • Who can use it ??

    TENS machines tend mainly to be used to help reduce pain from problems in muscles, joints and nerves (so-called musculoskeletal pain). They may work better for these problems than for tummy (abdominal), chest or head pains. Unlike a lot of medication there are virtually no side-effects when using a TENS machine. However, people with the following must not use a TENS machine:

    .Pregnancy (unless specifically medically advised - or in labour).Pacemakers.Epilepsy or certain types of heart disease

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    *Tens Stimulating Massager


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Mtherapy's technology is an innovator of advanced pain management devices to assist in back pain , arthritic pain, muscle spasms, sciatic pain,sports injury and more

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